Custom knee replacement surgery

Custom Partial Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery is usually recommended for cases of advanced arthritis. It involves the use of an implant to replace all or part of the bone and cartilage in the knee. The knee joint can be divided into three compartments. A partial knee replacement may be performed if the damage is limited to only one compartment. Implants used are generally available in different sizes but with the help of advanced technology, a custom-made implant may be designed to provide an ideal fit.

The custom-made implant is designed using information from a 3-dimensional CT scan of your knee. While standard implants have to be adjusted and may be slightly big or small leading to pain and problems with mobility, the custom-made implant conforms to the exact geometry of your knee so that it fits precisely, has a high degree of stability and moves as well as your natural knee. The implant is placed during a minimally invasive procedure with minimal postoperative pain. Recovery is quick and you will soon be able to walk without a cane. This procedure helps preserve as much healthy bone, cartilage and supporting ligaments as possible.